We grow the Kelleris morello, a sweet species of morello. From late June to early July, we harvest our cherry orchards using our harvesting machines. Our morello cherry is delicious on Limburg 'vlaai' (sweet pie), waffles, cherry beer, juice and jam.

Since consumers like our cherries to do their own canning with, they are available from us for canning immediately during harvesting.


The harvest of our Williams pears starts in August. This variety is not very well known in the Netherlands, but it is in the rest of Europe. It's a summer pear that tastes really good fresh from the tree. And their sweet taste and juiciness also make them very suitable to make stewed pears, liqueur (Poire Williams) and our delicious juice out of.
September is when we pick Conference pears. In the Netherlands, this is the most eaten type of pear.


Since 2015, we have been growing delicious Mirabelles (the Nancy) and Schwetschen plums. They are harvested using the same machines as our morello cherries.


Sometime in August, we start harvesting our Elstar apples; a very popular and deliciously fresh apple. By late September, we are picking Braeburn and Gloster apples. These we turn into delicious, cloudy juice without any additives that is available all year.


We grow grapes on a small scale, mostly around our Wijnhuis (Wine House) and on De Berckt in Baarlo.
They are the following varieties: Auxxelerois, Pinot gris and Pinot noir.

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