Frequently asked questions

Will we have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a € 300 deposit for the Wijnhuis. For the Boerderij and the Schaapshut, we require a € 500 deposit. This sum has to be paid on the payment dates. It will be transferred back into your account no later than ten days after you leave.

At what time can we enter the house, and by what time should we leave?

Check-in in the Wijnhuis and the Schaapshut is 3 pm on the day of arrival, check in at the Boerderij is 2 pm. Check-out is on Sunday at the end of the day and Monday at 10 am. Earlier check-in and later check-out can be discussed subject to availability.

Can I bring my dog?

Two small dogs or one big dog is allowed. Please do let us know in advance. The dogs may not be left behind in the cottage, and they are not allowed in the bedrooms. Fee € 35 per dog for extra cleaning.

Are towels included?

No, but they can be rented. Costs are € 4.50 per person (1 large + 1 small towel).

What do I pay extra for using the hot tub?

The hot tub is yours to use for € 100 per stay. We will fill the hot tub with water, you can heat it yourself. Take into account that heating takes about three hours.

What type of coffee makers are there in your cottages?

All the cottages have a filter coffee maker with standard filter bags.

What things are available for children?

All cottages have two children's beds or travel cots that can be borrowed. They are always available for use. All the cottages have two high chairs. Outside, the houses have a trampoline and playhouse with swings and a slide. And the Boerderij and Schaapshut have table shuffleboard sets. There are indoor swings in the living room in both the Boerderij en the Wijnhuis. The cupboards hold plastic tableware for the children. There are several board games in the cottages.

There is one pedal car at the Wijnhuis, the Schaapshut and Boerderij have several pedal cars and bikes.

What kitchen appliances do the cottages have?

Wijnhuis: hot air oven, microwave, 4 gas burners, coffee maker for filter coffee, 2 fridges with 3 freezer compartments each, professional dishwasher.

Boerderij: 2 ceramic cookers (total of 8 burners), hot air oven, microwave, coffee maker for filter coffee, milk frother, professional dishwasher. The outdoor kitchen has 4 gas burners and a gas oven.

Schaapshut: 2 induction cookers (total of 8 burners), 1 American fridge, 1 separate fridge, 1 refrigerated worktop, 2 ovens, coffee maker for filter coffee, professional dishwasher.

What is standard in the cottages?

The Wijnhuis en Schaapshut each have a washer and drier

When you arrive at the holiday cottages, we ensure there is a starting supply of toilet paper in the toilets, washing up liquid, dishwashing brush and refuse bags. This way, you won't be without when you get there.

In what condition are we expected to leave the cottage?

Please empty the dishwasher, bins, bins in the toilet, BBQ and ashtrays before you leave, and clean the BBQ after use. 

Please remove linens (just the mattress sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases. Leave the mattress protectors) and collect them

Sweep the cottage and tidy up outside

Please return all the furniture to where it was when you arrived.

Please switch off all the lights and dishwasher when you leave, and close and lock the windows

How can I cancel my reservation and what will that mean?

If you have to cancel, please contact us immediately. In accordance with our general terms and conditions, you are required to reimburse the following:

In case of cancellation over twelve months before start of stay: 10% of the agreed price; in case of cancellation twelve to six months before start of stay: 30% of the agreed price;

in case of cancellation six to four months before start of stay: 70% of the agreed price;

in case of cancellation four to two months before start of stay: 80% of the agreed price;

in case of cancellation within two months before start of stay: 95% of the agreed price;

in case of cancellation on or after the day of start of stay: 100% of the agreed price.

We advise our guests to take out cancellation insurance.

What are the house rules?

Nobody would damage something on purpose, but it's possible that something will break. We would appreciate you notifying us of any damage in a timely manner. The renters are liable for damages caused by them, their fellow renters or guests.

We took great care in furnishing our holiday cottages. That is why we ask you to treat the cottages and furnishings with care.

In order to prevent potential overloads, we kindly ask you to let us know if you intend to plug in electrical devices that use a lot of electricity.

All the cottages have neighbours, so it is not allowed to use speakers and the noise level outside should be limited after 11 pm.

If you play music inside, please keep the windows and doors closed.

Smoking is not allowed inside in any of the holiday cottages.